Artisan craftwork

Our production processes rely on both cutting-edge machinery, as well as the expertise of our skilled craftsman. 


All of our woods are resources from certified sustainable forests across United States, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, Germany and Guatamala. Although we do not use wood exclusively we frequently work with walnut and mahogany. Our woods are carved and treated using a blend of traditional techniques and cutting edge machinery.


We produce all of our upholstery frames and work with materials ranging from cotton and linen to velvet, acrylic and leather - all of which are sourced from providers in Sweden and England. 


Atra Form studio has equipment for spin molding; laser and water cutting, TIG, MIG and autogenous welding. Metals we work with include aluminum, bronze, silver, copper, brass for use in furniture, fixed, laminated or flat structures, as well as stainless, polished and coated steel.