ATRA ZigZag Table

The Zig Zag table, part of the 2019 collection is part of the new series released by ATRA. The legs form a beautiful zigzag pattern in blackened bronze with polished brass bars. With a variety of options for finish for the tabletop, this table forms a centrepiece for any home dining, office boardroom area, creating a sense of class and comfort.

ATRA's goal was to achieve the lightest structure possible with the ZigZag. Using tapered legs together with the metal blocks creates a juxtaposition between light and thick. Everything about the table is airy. It has a thick wooden top with lots of metal in the base but the top has a wing shaped edge and the thick metal bar is made of reflective brass. Heavy materials made to feel light.

Zigzag 1

ZigZag 2

ZigZag Image by ATRA